I am Fire, I am Death!

"My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"
Hello! You found yourself on the small fansite dedicated to the greatest calamity of Middle-Earth, Smaug the Tremendous, from the beautiful and timeles novel by J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit. Smaug was first fantastical creature I fell in love with, totally, when I was eight. His greatness blinded me and made me a worshipper. And after all these years, the beautiful dragon is still my favorite beast ever.
So I will try to give him honors here. Gathering informations from the book, I plan to build a shrine worthy of this magnificent last dragon of Arda :)

Last Update: 20.05.22

I added many new stuff into Smaug section, also some avatars in graphics :) Also, some musings about Smaug's greed and vanity and songs in music page :>

A Tolkien family <3

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