Dragon notes

Here I want to collect songs, that remind me of Smaug. There aren't many, but those who are here, are carefully selected. They are not necessarily about dragons, mostly are not. It's the mood, that the music (or lyrics) have.

1. Kiss the Book (by Moya Brennan)
Now, the melody strightout reminds me of Smaug, his beauty and glory. It's a completely personal experience, but maybe you can feel the great dragon in it too, or like the song.

2. Where Dragons Dwell (by Gojira)
Now, this is a great song about battling own demons and not turning back of inner enemy - us. But it's also a thing that reminds me deeply of Smaug and our desire to see him, the beast laying under the mountain, waiting for us to meet him - the mutual attraction between a seeker and the dragon.

3. Pax Deorum (by Enya)
The music of this beautiful Enya's creation makes me think about Bilbo going down down and knowing he will meet Smaug, he is closer and the tension rises to soothe sometimes where we go to POV of Smaug, as he sleeps dreaming of gold. The mysterious melody reminds me mystery of the great dragon hiding in the belly of Erebor.